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What we do

Foundations UK delivers services related to obesity, weight management and wellbeing in the community. Obesity increases one's risk of diabetes 5 times and colon cancer and heart disease 3 times. These services help achieve patient empowerment and NHS savings.

Supporting these services are a number of programmes that include:

Step Forward to Health (SFH):

For those with a BMI over 35, this modular programme covering physiological and dietary support provides long-term strategies for healthy eating and exercise. It helps motivate the men and women who take part to make healthy choices and change their lives.

Healthy Talk: A series of seminars which address nutrition, exercise and de-stressing as well as the social and psychological causes of overeating.  Each series is customisable to the needs of teens, pre and post natal parents, young people with special needs and differing BMI groups.

Healthcare Professionals training: An innovative, scenario-based training for midwives and healthcare professionals that uncovers how brief interventions can effectively meet the needs of obese pre and post natal parents.

Peer-to-peer mentoring: Participants in all programmes are empowered to help others in their community through Foundations’ volunteer mentoring training. Communities of interest include young parents, pre and post natal parents as well as those with long term weight management needs. 

Countryside Breaks: Participants interact with the horses through playing, talking, grooming and leading them in a sequence of structured exercises.  In a beautiful setting in Oxfordshire, young people are introduced to the heard of horses and ponies, each of which makes its individual contribution to the interaction of the group, both equine and human.  The programme is expecially benificial for young people who find communicating and relating to others difficult either because they are on the autistic scale or have other special needs.






“More than four out of five young people believe that their self confidence improved after attending a Foundations UK course”.

Q&A Research

"Foundations UK has provided me with valuable experience during my training as a psychotherapist. I began by email-mentoring of young girls with eating disorders which gave me the opportunity to learn more about the type of issues that I would be encountering in later face-to-face sessions without the fear of saying the wrong thing. I had time to think about how to respond, and to ask for advice. When my training allowed me to start practising as a counsellor and take on clients, Foundations matched me to someone with an eating disorder and gave me the opportunity to start what has proved to be a very fulfilling and satisfying ongoing relationship. Foundations continual support and confidence in me has encouraged me to feel able to take on more of my own clients and ultimately helped lead to my counselling diploma last year. I continue to work with them as I carry on towards my psychotherapy diploma. They have given me valuable knowledge and information about eating disorders which has improved my work enormously."