Step Forward to Health

Step Forward to Health (SFH)
For those with a BMI over 30, this modular programme provides long-term strategies for healthy eating and exercise. It helps motivate people to make healthy choices and change their lives. SFH is delivered in community settings and in hospital Maternity Wards. An integral part of our Step Forward to Health programme is encouraging participants to eat:

           -       Slowly

           -       Sociably

           -       Sitting Down 

We also encourage pregnant young mothers to make real changes to their health rather than being the passive recipients of the health service.

Case Study:

Pauline, a 52 year old woman with a BMI of 44, was referred to Step Forward to Health by her GP. She had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and back problems. At the end of the programme Pauline has lost 7kg and her BMI is down to 41. Both her blood pressure and cholesterol count are down and she has the confidence to take up swimming again.

Other participants reported similar improvements:

'My blood sugar reduced from 14 to 4.6 in the space of three months. With this programme I really understood my diabetes a lot better.'

'Having done the programme I have a sense of lightness and of well being creeping in.'

'The programme is good because it's real.'

'We all felt secure in the group and encouraged to just keep going.'

'I recommend this course to everyone.

"1. Massimo, talking about long term sustainable changes, it really means saying goodbye to the eating habits I had before.  I would eat far too much, and although when on a diet lost the weight, those real changes were not there.  This time, I can feel some fundamental changes, even though they are few and not initially noticeable.  For example, I seem to have given up the sweet things.  I buy loads more vegetables.  I am trying even to just have lemon juice on my salads, instead of mayonnaise and I have cut back on the regular wine with meals, so that I now do not buy wine - only since Lent began - and am just leaving a drink of wine until there is a special occasion.  Likewise on the food I want to still learn to cut portion size properly and not eat when I am not hungry. Hope we can cover some of these things in module

2.  Shakira rang this morning just to check I had received the letter and would be coming along to the meeting next Tuesday, which I am”

Nursing Times (30 July 2007) quotes a nurse who attended the course as saying:

"Learning to ask questions such as 'do you realise why you are here?', 'what do you find the hardest about losing weight?' and 'what will motivate you?' has been far more effective than 'earbashing.' 'Many patients have said to me that, in the past, they have been made to feel awful and demoralised by health professionals.  They thank me and say: 'You didn't make me feel fat and ugly".